130825 KBS ‘Mamma Mia’ Episode 17 – {Eng Sub}

130825 KBS Mamma mia

Mamma Mia with Lee Jihoon and MC Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun

This Week’s Rundown:

Entertainer Lee Jihoon like you’ve never seen him before! His maternal grandparents disclose hordes of his childhood pictures! Park Eunyeong’s mother claims to have made an appearance on Mamma Mia to marry her daughter off. A feast at the countryside that got Lee Yeongja drooling! Goat stew made with succulent goat meat and spicy stock; chicken with oriental medicines boiled over a wood fire; Soybean paste soup made with marsh snails Park Eunyoung and Kim Yeonghui themselves caught! A mouth-watering feast begins here now on Mamma Mia!